Sentence Examples

  • The significance of these phenomena, which present many minor modifications in different cases, is nol fully understood, but one purpose of the formation of phloem promontories and islands seems to be the protection of the sieve-tubes from crushing by the often considerable peripheral pressure that is e~ercised on the stems of these lianes.
  • In the words of an English officer, "The sun appearing upon the sea, I heard Nol say, ` Now let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered,' and following us as we slowly marched I heard him say, `I profess they run.'" Driven into the broken ground, and penned between Doon Hill and the ravine, the Scots were indeed helpless.
  • R ntford t kIay ° e nol U ?Ll W kriares R Shlpton:, Wr to n ?
  • It also gave Edward an excuse for treating every loyal Frenchman as guilty of treason, and, to his shame, he did nol always refrain from employing such a discreditable device.
  • This systeir might probably have succeeded if the United States had nol countenanced the sending of supplies of every kind to the rebels, and if American diplomacy had not again and again made representations against Weylers ruthless policy.