Sentence Examples

  • Francois Noel Babeuf >>
  • A selection from his statistical writings was published in 1885 under the editorship of Mr Noel Humphreys.
  • What is clearly erroneous or faulty may as clearly be intended, and therefore not to be removed by the critic. In Chaucer's "Miller's Tale" (3455, 3457) astromie is used for astronomie, and Noe and Noel (Christmas) confused, "Nowelis flood" (345 1, 3457), because the speaker is an illiterate carpenter.
  • Noel, Rabelais (1850); A.
  • Thus, several French writers - notably, Tannery and Noel - regard them as dilemmas advanced, with some measure of success, in refutation of specific doctrines attributed to the Pythagoreans.