Sentence Examples

  • He was making noises like his father was the one he didn't trust, but it wasn't that simple.
  • An investigation into the matter was thought to show that none of the Fox family was concerned in producing the rappings; but the evidence that they were not concerned is insufficient, although similar noises had been noticed occasionally in the house before they lived there.
  • The sleeping mother rests undisturbed by the various noises of the house and street, but wakes at a slight murmur from her child.
  • The girl Nongkwase, standing in the river where the spirits had first appeared, heard unearthly noises, interpreted by her father as orders to kill more and more cattle.
  • The noises made by some Ptinidae (Anobium) tapping on the walls of their burrows with their mandibles give rise to the "death tick" that has for long alarmed the superstitious.