Sentence Examples

  • The city is a distributing point for the neighbouring mining region.
  • The central and southern parts of the island and the neighbouring Staten Island are exceptionally rainy, the latter having 251} rainy days in the year.
  • Neighbouring to the town are the ruined castle of Orkil, the watering-place Christiansminde, and the extensive orchards of Gammel Hestehave, where wine is produced.
  • The neighbouring country is pleasant enough, particularly along the river, but the town itself is purely industrial, and contains no pre-eminent buildings.
  • Despite the fact that with the exception of the period of the "Great Awakening" (1740-1742), when he preached as an itinerant in several neighbouring colonies, his active labours were confined to his own parish, his influence on the religious thought of his time in America was probably surpassed only by that of his old friend and teacher Jonathan Edwards.