Sentence Examples

  • Over the years, NBC reality TV shows have struggled in the ratings race because the network is overpowered by Fox, ABC and CBS, which have all created award-winning programs such as American Idol, The Amazing Race and Extreme Makeover.
  • Both Pratts were not very popular on the show because of their childish behavior, and became even less popular when Stephanie Pratt claimed NBC subjected Spencer and Heidi to torture, a claim which has been denied by NBC and Spencer.
  • Eileen Davidson began her tenure on the NBC daytime drama as heroine Kristen Blake, but under the show's writers, Eileen Davidson also played Susan Banks (a Kristen look alike) as well as Sister Mary Moira, Thomas and Penelope.
  • So, if we have this correct, Ann Coulter believes that NBC executives (part of what she refers to as the "liberal media") gathered around in a conference room working out diabolical plans to prevent her from selling books.
  • The title is based entirely on the NBC television show, featuring the likenesses and expertise of trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, the latter of whom also has other fitness games available on the Nintendo Wii.

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