Sentence Examples

  • While the two groups both originated on the planet Cybertron, the Transformer mythos explains that the Autobots originated from a slave robot line, and they are the ones who discovered the power to transform first.
  • Created by one person who goes by the name "pixel", Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogotari) is a very deep game with a heart-tugging story steeped in a made-up mythos, gorgeous music, and very rewarding gameplay.
  • When first released, it opened to mixed reviews, yet is now commonly thought to be the most mature work of the six-movie series, and a more fully-formed reflection of Lucas' overarching mythos.
  • The game combines all of the intricacies of the mobster mythos - families, big bosses, wars, missions - with a game play that is easy enough to occupy both the casual user and the game addict.
  • In 2009, Wonder Woman was released as an animated feature film that focused on the "Gods and Mortals" arc of storyline as told by George Perez in his reboot of the Wonder Woman mythos.