Sentence Examples

  • The fold in the ears was caused by a heritable, dominant, mutated gene.
  • In one combination the initial may remain; thus *oinos cupidus gave un cybydd," one miser "; in another combination it may have originally stood between vowels, and so is mutated, as in *dud cupido, which gave dau gybydd, " two misers."
  • Half the rice grown in California is a descendant of Calrose 76, created when gamma rays mutated some regular rice and the resulting mutant produced more grain and less spoilage.
  • The gene mutated accidently, but once noticed, breeders bred for it.
  • It didn't spin webs and looked more to Evelyn like a mutated cat, but the moment she recalled Kiera's fear, she also realized that the cat-like creature would easily pass as a large spider.