Sentence Examples

  • What's more, the virtually unlimited selection of Renaissance costumes for children is a blessing for parents who don't enjoy hunting for must-have clothing and accessories for kids determined to imitate authentic Renaissance villagers.
  • If emo clothes for girls are on your daughter's must-have list, you may not be able to find a store that exclusively sells emo clothing, but you can find clothing at a variety of locations to suit your girl's wardrobe needs.
  • Whether you decide to change your style in the name of the must-have bob or decide to work your straight locks into an earthy, summer-music-fest style, there are plenty of options no matter your hair type or length.
  • ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography: Considered a must-have for professional digital photographers, the American Society of Media Photographers compiles a wealth of vital tips in this handy guide.
  • More than just a nifty beauty accessory, the wall mount makeup mirror is a must-have for women who wish to apply their makeup in a setting that mimics a high-end salon or professional makeup artist's environment.