Sentence Examples

  • The internet also has the added bonus of purchasing digital music through music stores such as iTunes or Napster, services that allow you to download individual songs to play on your PC, burn onto CDs, or put on your digital music player.
  • Unlike the original Napster that had a centralized network to which all users connected, Gnutella developed a de-centralized system wherein individual users would connect through a series of "nodes", which were really just other users.
  • After that, the legal troubles just kept on coming with Napster, until finally, in March 2002, they paid the major record labels $26 million in back royalties, $10 million in future royalties, and shut its doors as a P2P trading site.
  • Napster legal music downloads are a popular way for people to get their favorite songs online without worrying about the Recording Industry Association of America breathing down their necks, but it hasn't always been that way.
  • They took on the Napster name to market their own music service, but instead of setting up a peer-to-peer network where people actively share their MP3 music, Napster became a pay service for downloading legal music.