Sentence Examples

  • With bean sources throughout the world, Balducci's offers exotic, hard-to-find types like adzuki, Chana Dal, flageolet and whole mung beans as well as more common green lentils, cannellini and pinto beans.
  • The most popular type of sprouting seeds and beans are alfalfa, buckwheat, mung beans, green peas, soybeans, pinto beans, sunflowers and radishes.
  • Included with the kit is your first supply of three different types of seeds: broccoli sprout, mung bean and zesty mix.
  • Many common seeds such as alfalfa or mung are easy to find, but others like broccoli sprouts or radish sprouts might be a bit more difficult to procure.
  • This kit comes with alfalfa, radish, broccoli and mustard seeds, as well as mung bean.