Sentence Examples

  • The multiples of 12.
  • Troy weight was abolished, from the 1st of January 1879, by the Weights and Measures Act 1878, with the exception only of the Troy ounce, its decimal parts and multiples, legalized in 1853, 16 Vict.
  • From the east this unit passed to Asia Minor; and six multiples of 2 to 20 shekels (av.
  • Then, if possible, B and, C themselves are to be resolved each into rnI factors (counting 1 as a factor), which factors, or multiples of them, shall be not less than t nor greater than 6t; or if B and C contain inconveniently large prime factors, an approximate velocity ratio, found by the method of continued fractions, is to be substituted for B/C as before.
  • Are the successive multiples of 5d.