Sentence Examples

  • This is seven days of passionate mourning during which time community members see to it that the mourner can focus on their grief.
  • In times of grief, poetry is therapeutic, helping the mourner to move through the stages of grief and loss.
  • Members of the synagogue and other supporters visit the mourner at his home during this period and provide meals so the immediate family does not have to provide for themselves.
  • The reality that we cannot take the pain from one who grieves is conveyed in this poem, along with the offer to comfort and hold the hand of the mourner.
  • Any one of these can pass on its sacred quality to other persons and objects (as a corpse defiles the mourner and his clothes), nay to actions, places and times as well (as a corpse will likewise cause work to be tabooed, ground to be set apart, a holy season to be observed).