Sentence Examples

  • At Milan, where there was a division of opinion between tha monarchists under Casati and the republicans under Cattaneo, a provisional administration was formed and the question of the form of government postponed for the moment.
  • The Federalists were charged by the Republicans with being aristocrats and monarchists, and it is certain that their leaders 1 Even the Democratic party has generally been liberal; although less so in theory (hardly less so in practice) than its opponents.
  • The monarchical principle was shaken to its foundations by the English revolution of 1688; it was shattered by the French revolution of 1789; and though it survives as a political force, more or less strongly, in most European countries, "monarchists," in the strict sense of the word, are everywhere a small and dwindling minority.
  • The Congress had meanwhile undone much of his work, and had divided into Federalists and Centralists, the latter largely Monarchists and Freemasons.
  • Believing,"he wrote," that (excepting the ardent monarchists) all our citizens agreed in ancient whig principles "- or, as he elsewhere expressed it, in" republican forms "-" I thought it advisable to define and declare them, and let them see the ground on which we can rally."This he did in his inaugural, which, though somewhat rhetorical, is a splendid and famous statement of democracy.'