Sentence Examples

  • Sorry, mon amour, but I fear him more.
  • C.mon, Toby, Katie said and turned away, allowing Toby to pull her down the hall to the dining chamber, which had yet to fill up.
  • Instead, we find the Sakai occupying this position, thus indicating that they have been driven northward by the Malays, and that the latter people has not been expelled by the Mon-Khmer races from the countries now represented by Burma, Siam and French Indo-China.
  • In January 1903 Sign.or Prinetti, the minister for foreign affairs, resigned on account of ill-health, and was succeeded by 1903 Admiral Mon., while Admiral Bettolo took the latters 1905.
  • Lemoine, La Gueronniere and extracts from Joseph Weber's memoirs; and Memoires de Marie Therese duchesse d'Angouleme, comprising extracts from the narratives of Charles Goret (Mon Temoignage, 1852), of C. F.