Sentence Examples

  • Results of this testing fully corroborated earlier modeling.
  • Whether you get your information from a plus size modeling resource like Plus Models or you're discovered walking down the street, if you're interested in modeling, you just might be the next famous face inspiring millions of other women.
  • Fall Out Boy songwriter/backup singer/bassist Pete Wentz is also a tabloid staple, thanks to his relationship with Ashlee Simpson, and he has also embarked on several non musical ventures, like modeling and designing his own clothing line.
  • Before re-conning the storyline in the early 2000s,All My Children's Erica Kane had the first soap opera abortion (the first and only for many years) when she elected to terminate her husband's baby rather than give up her modeling career.
  • Erica Kane's controversial abortion in 1973 because she didn't want to ruin her figure or her modeling career not only snagged headlines, but marked a daytime first that even retconning in the early part of the 21st century can't change.