Sentence Examples

  • When Henry Ford founded the company, he used an ornate image to represent the brand that had a highly decorative border and words inside that read, "Ford Motor Co. Detroit, Mich."
  • It is served by the Chicago & North-Western, and the Wisconsin Central railways; by ferry across the lake to Frankfort, Mich., and Ludington, Mich.; by the Ann Arbor and the Pere Marquette railways; and by the Goodrich line of lake steamers.
  • 17, Survey of Northern and Northwestern Lakes, U.S. Lake Survey Office (Detroit, Mich., 1907); Publication No.
  • In Mich.) can hardly have been part of a pious fraud.
  • Mex.; Raman, Hond.; Serian, Tiburon I.; Subtiaban, Nic.; Tarascan, Mich.; Tehuantepecan, Isthmus; Tequist latecan, Oax.; Totonacan, Mex.; Triquian, S.