Sentence Examples

  • Recent progress is reported in the scientific periodicals, especially in The Iron and Steel Metallurgist, formerly The Metallographist (Boston, Mass.), and Metallurgic (Halle).
  • Hence the sulphur present is, except in certain rare cases, simply that which the metallurgist has been unable to remove.
  • KARL FRIEDRICH WENZEL (1740-1793) German metallurgist, was born at Dresden in 1740.
  • Fluor-spar is largely employed by the metallurgist, especially in lead-smelting, and in the production of ferro-silicon and ferro-manganese.
  • FRANZ LUDWIG VON CANCRIN (1738-1812), German mineralogist and metallurgist, was born on the 21st of February 1738, at Breitenbach, Hesse-Darmstadt.