Sentence Examples

  • Standard works on the metallurgy of gold are the treatises of T.
  • Of these the more important are noticed under Metallurgy; here we may notice the rarer minerals.
  • The metallurgy and uses of aluminium are treated in detail in P. Moissonnier, L' Aluminium (Paris, 1903); in J.
  • In a restricted sense the term assaying is applied in metallurgy to the determination of the amount of gold or silver in ores or alloys; in this article, however, it will be used in a wider technical signification, and will include a description of the methods for the quantitative determination of those elements in ores which affect their value in metallurgical operations.
  • Charleton, Tin Mining; Henry Louis, The Production of Tin, and C. Schnabel, Handbook of Metallurgy (English trans.