Sentence Examples

  • Some networks have instant messaging services (like Facebook), while others have message inboxes (like OK Cupid), while even others will only allow users to communicate with one another when they have a mutual friend (such as Linked In).
  • The Sidekick 3, available through T-Mobile and Suncom Wireless, is easily one of the most popular cell phones on the market, especially among younger people who just can't get enough of the mobile email and instant messaging services.
  • In addition, the new phones have larger displays in order to allow users to use the address book, global positioning, photography, PDA, text messaging and web browsing capabilities that are becoming standard on mobile devices.
  • In late 2004, they amped up what they already offered on their CDMA network, adding in mobile office, push-to-talk, picture messaging, mobile web service, and games and ringtones that their customers could download.
  • Messaging - While instant messaging applications are ubiquitous, being able to see what other clan members are online and instantly message them from within the website can make member interaction that much easier.