Sentence Examples

  • - (Stoughton.) Meshes of pearlite in a netv.-ork of ferrite, from hypo-eutectoid steel.
  • Indeed, along with other serious checks in Spain, which involved the conquest of that land, it cut through the wide meshes of his policy both in Levantine, Central European and commercial affairs.
  • FIC. r3.--(Stoughton.) Meshes of pearlite in a network of cementite from hyper-eutectoid steel.
  • Rough weirs, formed of stakes and twigs, were erected across English rivers in Saxon times for holding up the water and catching fish, and fish-traps, with iron-wire meshes and eel baskets, are still used sometimes at weirs.
  • Each is a small protoplasmic body, in the meshes of whose vubstance the green coloring matter chlorophyll is contained in some form of solution.