Sentence Examples

  • Johnny Depp is one of the most famously tattooed people on Hollywood; he has several tattoos, mostly the arms and all medium-sized tattoos that stand individually on their own - no sleeves for one of Hollywood's most famous leading men.
  • Each team's jump height is set by the height of the smallest dog on the team, so some teams have experimented with crossing a medium-sized, fast, high-drive dog such as a Border Collie with a small, driven dog like the Jack Russell Terrier.
  • If you have a room measuring 225 square feet, for example, you will want a fan that measures anywhere from 50 to 54 inches, but a medium-sized room of 144 square feet can handle a fan measuring 36 inches or more.
  • Choosing the best company among the various Cleveland mortgage lenders can help make your home ownership dreams come true in one of the most affordable medium-sized cities in the United States.
  • It is geared toward small and medium-sized business owners and allows users to store documents electronically in a virtual filing cabinet, with a designated cabinet, drawer, and folder.