Sentence Examples

  • There is evidence that, towards the close of the mediaeval period, great storms and tidal inundations occurred on the shores of the North Sea and Baltic, and in the course of these floods, culminating in 1297, the Zuider Zee was formed from a lake that existed in its neighbourhood, by the breaking down of dykes.
  • Duff-Gordon, Assisi (" Mediaeval Towns" series, London, 1900).
  • Mr. Fisher has published The Mediaeval Empire (1898); Studies in Napoleonic Statesmanship (1903); A Political History of England (1906); Bonapartism (1908); Life of F.
  • He has produced various works on mediaeval church history and liturgies, among them being Henry VIII.
  • And the English Monasteries (1888-9); A Short History of the Catholic Church in England (1903); Parish Life in Mediaeval England (1906) and The Bosworth Psalter (1908).