Sentence Examples

  • The Social or matriarchal took precedence of the Local or patriarchal organization.
  • Tylor, Primitive Culture (London, 1903); and article on the "Matriarchal Family System," in the Nineteenth Century, xl.
  • The first was matriarchal, inheritance being reckoned through the mother.
  • Polygamy is general in upper Bagirmi, where some traces of a matriarchal stage of society linger, one small state being called Beled-el-Mra, "Women's Land," because its ruler is always a queen.
  • Reinach (reviewing P. Mazan's L'Orestie d'Eschyle, 1902) defends the theory of Bachofen, who finds in the legend of Orestes an indication of the decay of matriarchal ideas.