Sentence Examples

  • I hope Adrienne marries a man who will give her the help she deserves.
  • Meliadus marries again, and the second wife, jealous of Tristan, tries to kill him.
  • The male matures when about fifteen years of age, marries when about twenty-six, begins to age when about forty, and lives on to sixty or sixty-five if he reaches old age.
  • Anne marries was crowned in June, and on the 7th of September the Anne future Queep Elizabeth was born.
  • A story describing how the domestic happiness of a young tutor, who marries the unacknowledged daughter of a Russian sensualist of the old type, dull, ignorant and genial, is troubled by a Russian sensualist of the new school, intelligent, accomplished and callous, without there being any possibility of saying who is most to be blamed for the tragic termination.