Sentence Examples

  • "Son, you will look at the new mares?" he asked.
  • Through the commission the, money previously spent upon Queen's Plates is offered in the form of " King's Premiums " (to the number of twenty-eight in 1907) of L1 so each for thoroughbred stallions, on condition that each stallion winning a premium shall serve not less than fifty half-bred mares, if required.
  • Most mares foal at night, but I think it may happen within a few hours.
  • The mares were now kept in the renovated dairy barn and they ran in a separate pasture.
  • " It is undoubted, that to every townshyppe that standeth in tyllage in the playne countrey, there be errable landes to plowe and sowe, and leyse to tye or tedder theyr horses and mares upon, and common pasture to kepe and pasture their catell, beestes and shepe upon; and also they have medowe grounde to get theyr hey upon.