Maltese Definition

môl-tēz, -tēs
Of Malta or its people, language, or culture.
Webster's New World
Of the medieval Knights of Malta.
Webster's New World
A native or inhabitant of Malta.
American Heritage
A person born or living in Malta.
Webster's New World
The Semitic language spoken in Malta, closely related to Arabic, strongly influenced by Italian, and written in the Latin alphabet.
Webster's New World
Any of a breed of toy dog with a coat of long, silky, white hair that hangs nearly to the ground and with a tail that curls over the back.
Webster's New World
Any of a variety of shorthaired domestic cat with bluish-gray fur.
Webster's New World
  • Malti
  • Maltese language
  • maltese-cat
  • Maltese terrier
  • Maltese dog

The Semitic language of Malta.


Origin of Maltese

  • Malta +"Ž -ese

    From Wiktionary

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