Sentence Examples

  • Purple Zebra Bed in a Bag by Karin Maki: This fun bed set makes it easy to have a complete, finished bed since you get everything you need as a convenient bed in a bag set.
  • This bedding set was also designed by Karin Maki and includes a reversible comforter, dust ruffle and three standard shams.
  • Maki -Yaz is great because not only is it healthy make-up for your skin it can also be customized just for you.
  • It is not possible to enumerate here even the principal styles of ishime, but mention may be made of the zara-maki (broad-cast), in which the surface is finely but irregularly pitted after the manner of the face of a stone; the nashi-ji (pear-ground), in which we have a surface like the rind of a pear; the hari-ishime (needle ishime), where the indentations are so minute that they seem to have been made with the point of a needle; the gama-ishime, which is intended to imitate the skin of a toad; the tsuya-ishime, produced with a chisel sharpened so that its traces have a lustrous appearance; the ore-liuchi (broken-tool), a peculiar kind obtained with a jagged tool; and the gozam, which resembles the plaited surface of a fine straw mat.
  • Chef specials include spicy salmon skin hand roll, vegetable tempura maki and tropical seafood maki.