Sentence Examples

  • Don't expect anything like the styles of Lulu Guinness' pastel pink cat eye glasses with white polka dots, but don't think that Wranglers limit you to simple black aviators, either.
  • Lulu sunglasses: Lulu is quite charming with its round frames and delicate blonde coloring, but what really helps this style stand out in the gold detailing at the temples; here it almost looks like a set of interlocking chains.
  • Lulu is one of the many online services that make it relatively simple to format and publish your own e-book for widespread distribution.
  • Café Lulu - Fresh French café with hot chocolate and kettle corn to go, the perfect keep you warm combination.
  • If you have a child that wants a cat but can't have a real one, you might want to consider FurReal Friends My Cuddlin Kitty Lulu.