Sentence Examples

  • The birch in the loftier alpine tracts and plateaus becomes a shrub (Betula nana, B.
  • The relief of the surface typically includes a central plain, Homology sometimes dipping below sea-level, bounded by lateral Homology of con- h i ghlands or mountain ranges, loftier on one side than.
  • They increase in elevation landwards, culminating in the inner and loftier Golis range, about 95 00 ft.
  • No attempt, of course, has been made to give a complete catalogue of the peaks and passes of the Alps, while in the case of the peaks the culminating point of a lower halfdetached group has been included rather than the loftier spurs of the higher and main group; in the case of the passes, the villages or valleys they connect have been indicated, and also the general character of the route over each pass.
  • A third and still loftier tower, the upper part of which, in the florid Gothic style, is modern, surmounts the crossing.

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