Sentence Examples

  • After Bilbo's party, with a few departures into some gentle comic relief, usually provided by the Gamgees, the epic's general flavor becomes high-flown and suitably solemn.
  • His style was high-flown and artificial, as was natural considering his early training, and he frequently sacrificed truth to rhetoric effect; but, according to Dionysius of Halicarnassus, he and Theopompus were the only historical writers whose language was accurate and finished.
  • Bibaculus was ridiculed for his high-flown and exaggerated style and manner of expression.
  • The demotic stories of Khamois are simple, but the Rape of InarOs Cuirass (at Vienna) is told in a stiff and high-flown style.
  • 38), writing in the 6th century, indulges in a high-flown panegyric on the plant and its value.