Sentence Examples

  • In many instances the lodgers are not of the same order of insects as the gall-makers.
  • But his distress was short-lived, and he talked a number of lodgers into a late afternoon dip at the pool.
  • In direct taxation; were householders or lodgers as defined in 1887, or tenants of a vessel of, at least, 24 tons; were the recipients of certain salaries or had certain deposits in the public funds or savings banks.
  • Votes were given to all householders paying a certain minimum house duty, and to all lodgers who had for a given time paid a minimum of rent, also to all who possessed certain educational and social qualifications, whose definition was left to be specified by a later law.
  • Most of the lodgers were about their daily activities, with Fred off to the post office, Maria doing her duties with her usual exuberance, and the Deans hovering close by.