Sentence Examples

  • All three looked like front of the liners at a Santa Claus hand-out.
  • Here are the Vulcan iron-works and shipbuilding yards, where the liners "Deutschland" (1900), the "Kaiserin Augusta Victoria" (1906), and the "George Washington" (1908), the largest vessel (722 ft.
  • Many of the most important improvements in the construction of ships, especially steam vessels, are due to the enterprise and skill of the Clyde shipbuilders, who, from the time of Robert Napier of Shandon (1791-1876), who built and engined the first steamers for the Cunard Company, formed in 1840, have enjoyed an unrivalled reputation for the construction of leviathan liners, both as regards mechanical appliances and the beauty and convenience of the internal arrangements.
  • Large liners from Liverpool, Southampton, London, Hamburg, Havre and Antwerp call regularly for passengers or cargo at Leixoes or Lisbon, or both ports, on their way to and from South America (especially Brazil).
  • And Allan liners have been constructed in the yards.