Sentence Examples

  • Broad with four rows of linden trees).
  • Zur Linden, M.
  • Close by, on the left bank of the Leine, lies the manufacturing town of Linden, which, though practically forming one town with Hanover, is treated under a separate heading.
  • South of Unter den Linden lies the Friedrichstadt, with its parallel lines of straight streets, including the Behren-strasse - (the seat of finance) - the Wilhelmstrasse, with the palace of the imperial chancellor, the British embassy, and many government offices - the official quarter of the capital - and the busy Leipziger-strasse, running from the Potsdamer-platz to the DOnhoff-platz.
  • Among the public monuments comes first, in excellence, Rauch's celebrated statue of Frederick the Great, which stands in tinter den Linden opposite the palace of the emperor William I.; and in size the monument to the emperor William I.