Sentence Examples

  • Rauh (fine hill features on a map of the environs of Wangen and Lindau, 1617), FIG.
  • They comprised two parties: (1) the followers of Capito, Carlstadt and Bucer, who at the diet of Augsburg presented the Confessio Tetrapolitana from Strassburg, Constance, Lindau and Memmingen; (2) the followers of the Swiss reformer Zwingli, who to the same diet presented his private confession of faith.
  • In 1530 Constance (whose bishop had been forced to flee in 1527 to Meersburg, on the other side of the lake, and from that time the episcopal residence) joined, with Strassburg, Memmingen and Lindau, the Schmalkalden League.
  • Lindau, Johann G.
  • See Lindau, Geschichte der Hauptand Residenzstadt Dresden (2 vols., Dresden, 1884-1885); Prblss, Geschichte des Hoftheaters in Dresden (Dresden, 1877); Schumann, Fuhrer durch die konigl.