Sentence Examples

  • The crew who ate the citrus fruit remained healthy, while those who did not developed scurvy, leading Lind to conclude that some as yet unknown quality in the fruit prevented the dreaded disease.
  • It was James Lind, a Scottish surgeon with the British Royal Navy, who recognized that by giving sailors fresh citrus, he was able to prevent and even cure scurvy.
  • The Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenanters) sent John Cuthbertson in 1751; he was joined in 1773 by Matthew Lind and Alexander Dobbin from the Reformed Presbytery of Ireland, and they organized in March 1 774 the Reformed Presbytery of America.
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  • At a very early date the anthropo- so-c phizing tendency caused the animal deities to be represented coni Es human bodies, though as a rule they retained their animal the ds; so in the case of Seth as early as the lind Dynasty.