Sentence Examples

  • At the summit of l i the sheath, above the origin of the blade, is the ligule, a usually membranous process of small size (occasionally reaching r in.
  • Melica uniflora has in addition to the ligule, a green erect tongue-like process, from the line of junction of the edges of the sheath.
  • Of Danthonia) with the ligule of the developed foliage-leaf.
  • Some Commelinaceae and Marantaceae approach grasses in foliage; the leaves of Allium, &c., possess a ligule; the habit of some palms reminds one of the bamboos; and Juncaceae and a few Liliaceae possess an inconspicuous scarious perianth.
  • The simple leaves, which are of small size and do not possess a ligule, are arranged spirally around the branched stem in the majority of the species.

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