Sentence Examples

  • The petiole varies in length, being usually shorter than the lamina, but sometimes much longer.
  • The petiole is inserted a little above the base, and hence the leaf is called peltate or shieldlike.
  • The awn may be either terminal or may come off from the back of the flowering glume, and Duval Jouve's observations have shown that it represents the blade of the leaf of which the portion of the flowering glume below its origin is the sheath; the twisted part (so often suppressed) corresponds with the petiole, and the portion of the glume extending beyond the origin of the awn (very long in some species, e.g.
  • Similarly, the dead fronds fall off,leaving a ragged petiole, which is afterwards separated from the stem by an abscess-layer a short distance above the base.
  • The thick armour of petiole-bases enveloping the stem is a characteristic C y cad c an feature; in Cycas the alternation of scale-leaves and fronds is more clearly shown than in other cycads; in Encephalartos, Dioon, &e., From a photograph of a plant in the Peradeniya the persistent scale - leaf Gardens, Ceylon, by Professor R.