Sentence Examples

  • Provided with free Internet access, PCs, graphic work stations, current word processing, database research and graphics software to create company brochures, letterhead and advertising materials and to write business plans.
  • You also may want to develop an eye-catching, professional looking logo if you do not have one yet, and create formal letterhead for this and any other correspondence you will have with the public.
  • Features include electronic bank reconciliation, project quotes, project tracking, timesheet entry, standard reports and the ability to create customized letterhead for invoices.
  • You'd be surprised how often entrepreneurs spend mega bucks on letterhead, envelopes and logo design without considering how these elements will or won't work on paper.
  • If you don't print your letter on official letterhead, you should type up the name of the person sending the letter, your organization's name, address and phone number.