Sentence Examples

  • The switch back is, of course, effected, and as Janice Lester is taken off to be tended in some insane asylum, Kirk delivers the moral: if she'd only been satisfied with her gender, "her life could have been as full as any woman's."
  • Lester, appearing to the crew to be Kirk, proceeds to alter course; she wants to dump Kirk, who appears to be Lester, so that she can keep command of the Enterprise without his/her interference.
  • C. Lester and D.
  • Carpenter, Insects: their Structure and Life (1899); Charles Lester Marlatt, Household Insects (U.S. Eepartment of Agriculture, revised edition, 1902); Leland Ossian Howard, The Insect Book (1902).
  • Mr. Douglas Williams was succeeded by Mr. Lester Lawrence and Mr. (afterwards Sir) Herbert Rundell.