Sentence Examples

  • If you just stumbled upon the Kelly Blue Book website today, you would never imagine that the company started when, in 1918, a young college student named Les Kelley started overhauling and reselling used cars to pay for college.
  • This person hooked Nick up with a manager, who not only helped the youngster make an album, but also got him extensive work on Broadway, performing in plays such as Les Miserables, Annie Get Your Gun and Beauty and The Beast.
  • It didn't take Les very long to realize that he had established himself as a valued source of information, so in 1918 he published the list of estimated values in book form, and called it the "Blue Book of Motor Car Values."
  • Over his years in the pawn business, Les has built up an extensive knowledge of valuation for a wide range of products his customers bring in to the store for him, from gems to guns and everything in between.
  • Some children seem to be more at risk for having GERD than others, particularly children who have hiatal hernia, cystic fibrosis, neurological impairment or delay, or an immature esophagus and LES.