Sentence Examples

  • LERWICK, a municipal and police burgh of Shetland, Scotland, the most northerly town in the British Isles.
  • One mile west of Lerwick is Clickimin Loch, separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land.
  • Old Red Sandstone, red grits, sandstones and marls and conglomerate occur in a narrow belt on the east side of Mainland from Sumburgh Head to Rova Head, north of Lerwick; they also form the island of Bressay.
  • Communication with the islands is maintained by steamers from Leith and Aberdeen to Lerwick, the capital (twice a week), and to Scalloway, the former capital, and other points (once a week).
  • Besides Lerwick (q.v.) the county town, one of the most interesting places in the island is Scalloway (8S7), the ancient capital.