Sentence Examples

  • Besides what he learnt from his own observation, he collected much information from others concerning countries which he did not visit.
  • By this time the salary had been increased to X1 2; in 1801 it was He had learnt of Raikes's Sunday Schools before he left the Establishment, but he rightly considered the system set on foot by himself far superior; the work and object being the same, he gave six days' tuition for every one given by them, and many people not only objected to working as teachers on Sunday, but thought the children forgot in the six days what they learnt on the one.
  • But in process of time he learnt to understand the importance of British counsels.
  • It was considered wonderful in the last Cleopatra that she learnt to speak Egyptian (Plut.
  • It may be that in particular cases particular modes of cultivation disfavour the host; or that the soil, climate or seasons do so; but overwhelming evidence exists to show that the principal causes of epidemics reside in circumstances which favor the spread, nutrition and reproduction of the pest, and the lesson to be learnt is, that precautions against the establishment of such favoring conditions must be sought.