Sentence Examples

  • The form-fitting uniforms of professional football players don't allow for much layering, but something is demanded during a cold game and so many players turned to pantyhose over the years - not mentioning it in public, of course.
  • After many years of labor in layering and planting, the attempt to grow named varieties in the usual way was abandoned, and the plan was adopted of raising seedlings, the Carnation being thus treated practically as a biennial.
  • If you're looking for something like a shelf bra shirt but you want to be able to wear it on its own without layering a bra and a shirt, or if your bra size is on the larger side, there's another solution.
  • The branch is to be prepared by ringing or notching or wiring as in layering, and a temporary stand made to support the vessel which is to contain the soil.
  • Layering consists simply in bending down a branch and keeping it in contact with or buried to a small depth in the soil until roots are formed; the connexion with the parent plant may then be severed.