Sentence Examples

  • It is not a new-found gum, for in ancient times it was used in folk medicine to treat things like persistent cough, and was also used as a laxative and, oddly enough, also to treat diarrhea.
  • This herbal remedy may be used if you are experiencing digestive tract upset but should not be taken daily due to the possible side effects of diarrhea and dehydration from the laxative properties of the herbs.
  • Stanley Burroughs was able to take the power of fasting and combined it with two things that helped eliminate toxins more quickly: the laxative tea in the evening and the salt water flush in the morning.
  • The main elements are [water] lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper throughout the day, and in addition to that, a cup of laxative tea in the evening and quart of salt water in the morning.
  • Internally, sulphur is a mild laxative, being converted in the intestine into sulphides.