Sentence Examples

  • Lassie was originally written by Eric Knight back in 1938 as a short story for the Saturday Evening Post.
  • June Lockhart played many famous mothers throughout her career including the first Ruth Martin (the mother of little Timmy) on Lassie as well as Dr. Maureen Robinson on the 60s cult hit Lost in Space.
  • There are many television and movie dogs to compare our own to: Beethoven, Air Bud, Snow Dogs, the Legally Blonde movies and our original movie dog Lassie.
  • June Lockhart, who played Dr. Maureen Robinson, was perhaps best known for her lengthy stint as Timmy's mother in the television series Lassie.
  • Before Lassie there was Rin Tin Tin, but in my humble opinion Lassie is the dog who really started the "perfect at home family dog" scene.