Sentence Examples

  • In this species the fructification is conical or lanceolate, and is found in April on short, stout, unbranched stems which have large loose sheaths.
  • In America several oaks exist with narrow lanceolate leaves, from which characteristic they are known as "willow oaks."
  • The leaves are three or four in number, flat, lanceolate, erect and sheathing; and there is no stem.
  • Serratifolia, having linear-lanceolate sharply serrulate leaves, and B.
  • The cock has a fine yellow bill and a head bearing a rounded crest of filamentous feathers; lanceolate scapulars overhang the wings, and from the rump spring the long flowing plumes which are so characteristic of the species, and were so highly prized by the natives before the Spanish conquest that no one was allowed to kill the bird when taken, but only to divest it of its feathers, which were to be worn by the chiefs alone.