Sentence Examples

  • In these expressions we are to replace p by ks/f, or rather, since the diffraction pattern is symmetrical, by kr/f, where r is the distance of any point in the focal plane from the centre of the system.
  • Its connexion with a is expressed by a =c4'/dr; so that TZ sin 05 e'(at - kr) 47b 2 where the factor e int is restored.
  • Retaining only the real part of (16), we find, as the result of a local application of force equal to DTZ cos nt (17), the disturbance expressed by TZ sin 4, cos(nt - kr) ?
  • According to (18), the effect of the force acting at dS parallel to OZ, and of amount equal to 2b2kD dS cos nt, will be a disturbance - dS sin cos (nt - kr) (20), regard being had to (12).
  • At B there is no displacement, but at K there is displacement towards B represented by KR, i.e.