Sentence Examples

  • - The Order of the Crown of Rue (Rauten Krone) was founded as a family order by Frederick Augustus I.
  • Gulden), and was obliged to coin into twentyor ten-krone pieces all gold brought to it for that purpose.
  • The unit of the Danish monetarysystem, as of the Swedish and Norwegian, is the krone (crown), equal to is.
  • It paid them, however, not in gold, but in silver (one-krone pieces and gulden) and in bank notes, the coins and notes being provided by the bank, and in exchange the newly-coined gold was paid to the bank to be kept as a reserve to cover the issue of notes.
  • Then from 1st January 1900 the old reckoning by gulden was superseded, that by krone being introduced in all government accounts, the new silver being made a legal tender only for a limited amount.