Sentence Examples

  • The dispute culminated in the assassination of General Gordon at Khartoum.
  • For this period the Journals of Major General Gordon at Khartoum (1885); F.
  • Power's Letters from Khartoum during the Siege (1885), and the following four books written by prisoners of the dervishes are specially valuable: Slatin Pasha, Fire and Sword in the Sudan (1896); Father J.
  • I am not now dealing with General Gordon's character, which was in many respects noble, or with his military defence of Khartoum, which was heroic, but with the political conduct of his mission, and from this point of view I have no hesitation in saying that General Gordon cannot be considered to have tried to do his duty unless a very strained and mistaken view be taken of what his duty was..
  • But as all who knew him admit, and as his own records testify, notwithstanding an undercurrent of shrewd common sense, he was the creature, almost the sport, of impulse; his impressions and purposes changed with the speed of lightning; anger often mastered him; he went very often by intuitions and inspirations rather than by cool Authorities.- The Journals of Major-General Gordon at Khartoum (1885); Lord Cromer, Modern Egypt (2 vols., 1908); F.