Sentence Examples

  • 25, he was one of the original members and, along with the Prime Minister and Lord Kitchener, bore the main responsibility.
  • (afterwards Lord) Kitchener (1:63,360, 1880), of the Sinai Peninsula by Sir C. W.
  • Kitchener was published in 1884 (1:63,360).
  • In the negotiations for peace he was associated with Lord Kitchener, and the terms of surrender, signed at Pretoria on the 31st of May 1902, were drafted by him.
  • This fiscal policy he pursued during his three Federal premierships (1903-4, 1905-8, 1909-10), and he was also a strong supporter of Australia's cooperation in Imperial defence, being responsible for the acceptance of the measure authorizing Australian naval construction in 1909 and for the invitation to Lord Kitchener to come to Australia to report on the question of defence.